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Stainless Steel Seed Phrase Storage System

X-SEED PRO offers the most secure and indestructible seed phrase storage system and solution to backup your private key.

• Offline • Hot wallet OK
• Waterproof • Cold wallet OK
• Fireproof • Engraver
• Tamper-proof • Stainless steel storage
• Pre-stamped English letter tiles
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Compatible with Hot & Cold wallets


Fast & Easy Setup

Cold Wallet

Generate private key offline with a cold wallet.


X – Seed

Store your seed phrase offline with X-SEED.



Complete COLD & OFFLINE security.

Compatible with Hot and Cold wallets

01. Release

Open seed storage, unlock the frame, and release the safety lever by pressing inside the long slot.

02. Insert

Open the frame while safety lever is released, and insert into the slot the first 4 letters of each recovery word.

03. Lock

After inserting all the recovery words, lock the frame by turning the screw clockwise.

Anyone who gets hold of your seed phrase can gain access to your digital assets and transfer them elsewhere. So backing up your seed phrase and keeping them in a safe place is an important security measure in safeguarding your digital assets.

  • Fire-proof and water-resistant

1.5mm extremely durable Stainless-steel sheets can resist fire and temperature as high as 2649 °F / 1454 °C; the engraved or stamped letters would not get damaged or washed away by water.

  • Offline & Hackproof

Your seed phrase is backed up and stored physically offline, off the radar and out of reach from hackers and attackers on the internet.

  • Tamper-proof Stickers

The tamper-proof stickers included provide an extra layer of security to ensure that the seed phrase is free from any third-party access.

You should keep your X-SEED in a safe place out of reach from malicious intentions. Your X-SEED should be stored in the same way as how you would keep your valuable jewelry, property deeds, certificates and important documents.

Additional information
重量 0.46 公斤
尺寸 105 × 180 × 45 公分

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